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Maher Associates, Inc. provides casualty actuarial services to insurance companies and reinsurers in most lines of business including medical malpractice, workers compensation, general liability, pollution and environmental coverages, automobile liability and physical damage, and products liability.

At MAI, we have effectively combined actuarial services and data processing into one operation, overcoming typical communication problems between these two important areas. This efficient service is possible because of our state-of-the-art computer resources and our extensive experience with the manipulation of computerized insurance claim and policy information. We frequently process insurance company databases into a variety of formats suitable for actuarial analysis. Because of this data processing efficiency, we can concentrate on the actuarial problem at hand, rather than laborious communications with data processing departments over our data compilation requirements.

Our actuarial services include:

Want to know what an Actuary Does?

B. Anne Actuary - our cartoon claims rep who really wants to be an actuary - has learned a few things about the actuarial profession. You might learn a thing or two from her.

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